2018 Priorities


Campaign Finance Reform


HB 7: Campaign finance; prohibited personal use.

Prohibits any person from converting any moneys, securities, or like intangible personal property contributed to a candidate or a candidate's campaign committee to his personal use, the personal use of the candidate, or the personal use of a member of the candidate's immediate family. 

Simon*, Convirs-Fowler*, Ayala, Bell, J., Boysko, Bulova, Foy, Carter, Cole, Delaney, Guzman, Heretick, Hope, Hurst, Jones, Lindsey, Lopez, Mullin, Plum, Price, Rasoul, Reid, Rodman, Roem, Turpin, VanValkenburg, Watts. 

HB 562: Campaign finance; prohibited contributions to candidates.

Prohibits any candidate from soliciting or accepting a contribution from any public service corporation, as defined in § 56-1, or any political action committee established and administered by such a corporation.

Roem*, Rasoul*, Convirs-Fowler

Electoral Reform

HB 449: Voter registration; permitted up to and including election day.

Repeals the deadline for registering to vote in advance of an election and allows eligible voters to register at any time, including the day of the election.


HB 230: Vote by mail; pilot program. 

Provides that the Department of Elections shall develop a pilot program for conducting elections by mail. In a vote by mail election, a ballot is mailed to every registered voter and the ballots are returned by the voters by mailing the ballot to the office of the general registrar, by delivering the ballot in person to the office of the general registrar, or by depositing the ballot at a drop-off location.

Rodman*, Simon*

Consumer Protection


HB 96: Electric utility regulation; suspension of reviews of earnings, transitional rate period.

Allows the State Corporation Commission to review and adjust utility rates, including ordering Dominion and Appalachian Power to issue refunds if necessary. 

Rasoul*, Roem*, Adams, D., Foy, Carter, Convirs-Fowler, Guzman, Hurst, Kory, Levine, Lopez, Rodman

HB 468:  Digital devices; deactivation or alteration of embedded software.

Prohibits the original equipment manufacturer of a digital device from deactivating embedded software, defined in the bill, in the digital device or altering embedded software so as to substantially alter the functioning of the digital device as a response to it being repaired by an independent repair provider.

Carter*, Cole, Plum

HB 705: Broadband services; prohibited features.

Prohibits a provider of broadband services from offering or renewing services to consumers within any locality in the Commonwealth in which certain media is throttled, blocked, or prioritized on the basis of its content, format, host address, or source.

Carter*, Plum, Price, Rasoul, Simon

HB 1028: Real estate settlement; choice of settlement service provider.

Provides that a purchaser or borrower in a transaction related to real estate in the Commonwealth shall have the right to select the settlement agent, mortgage lender or broker, and any other vendor associated with the financing or settlement of such real estate. Currently, such right is limited to the choice of settlement agent.

Convirs-Fowler*, Gooditis*, Simon