People's Caucus

of Virginia's General Assembly



The People’s Caucus is a coalition of legislators committed to returning political power to the people. To that end, we will proactively push legislation that further democratizes Virginia, focusing on campaign finance reform, consumer protection, electoral reform, ethics, transparency, and government accountability.

The People's Caucus is inclusive. We're open to legislators of all political parties - provided they refuse campaign contributions from public service corporations as defined in § 56-1 of the Code of Virginia. 

The People's Caucus is aspirational. We understand the daunting challenges that await us on these policy fronts. But we also believe we're entering a new era of Virginia politics, an era defined by dynamic civic engagement and political participation. With the help of everyday Virginians, we believe progress is inevitable. 

The People's Caucus is people powered. Our associated political action committee only accepts contributions from individuals - not from corporations, non-profits, political action committees, party committees, or candidate committees.